Hi my lovelies! Here are just a few snippets of my life lately…I am 5 weeks away from completing my Spring semester in Dental Hygiene school which means 1 year is almost down!! I hate not being able to blog on the reg. but school is my number one priority right now, especially since I still need to find my patients to pass this semester BLAHHH – wish me luck & send me good vibes


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Xo, Catt

SAVE or SPLURGE | Makeup Edition

MASCARA {L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara} vs. {Dior Show Mascara} | I used to be the biggest mascara snob ever, spending $25+ on tubes like Dior Show over and over again…is it an amazing mascara? Of course, not to mention I loved the scent of it! But I not only found myself a drugstore dupe – but one I prefer at a fifth of the cost! I have yet to find a mascara that can give volume & lengthen my lashes as perfectly as the L’Oreal Voluminous, the Carbon Black version is one of the blackest mascaras ever too! Obviously a holy grail, can’t live without product.

GEL LINER {Maybelline Gel Liner} vs. {Bobbi Brown Gel Liner} | Okay so a little disclaimer here is I’ve never actually used the BB gel liner, butttttt since I already had a couple MAC products on the list I decided to include another very popular gel liner splurge. If I had to pick one type of liner to live with for the rest of my life it would be gel hands down. I feel like it is winged liners best friend, and helloooo it can be applied to the water lines. I have to admit when I tried the Maybelline gel liner I didn’t have high hopes – but I was completely surprised at the fact that it is amazing! Super pigmented, super creamy, and easy to apply – it even comes with a mini liner brush as well. The lasting power isn’t as great as higher end gel liners (I can literally sleep in my MAC one and it still looks fresh the next day), but for the price you can’t beat it!

FACE POWDER {Rimmel Stay Matte} vs. {MAC MSF Natural} | I feel like a good face powder is really hard to find at the drugstore, and since I am someone who ALWAYS sets my foundation with a powder I make sure to avoid a few things. I make sure my powder doesn’t settle into fine lines, break up easily, become cakey, look to powdery or chalky, and obviously I look for one that will add coverage (unless I’m going for translucent). I read Jade from Kissable Complexions raving about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and it was over from there, I feel like that girl could sell me on anything!

CREAM SHADOW/BASE {Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr. Shadow} vs. {MAC Paint Pots} | Not only do I love the price of the Maybelline cream shadows more, but I feel like the quality far exceeds MAC paint pots. I know a ton of people love to use neutral MAC paint pots as their primer, but I stick to a true primer like the UD primer potion. With that being said I don’t consider these Maybelline cream shadows to be a primer, I am however obsessed with them as a shadow base or a shadow alone. The pigmentation is unreal and they go on like butter and as long as you use a primer underneath they don’t budge or crease – a problem I found even with primer when I use MAC paint pots. I highly recommend the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream shadows, definitely a drugstore favorite.

BRONZR & BLUSH {ELF Bronzer Blush Duo} vs. {NARS Laguna & Orgasm Duo} | The famous NARS Laguna & Orgasm is one of the most popular bronzer blush duos in the makeup industry and for good reason. ELF sells an undeniable dupe for an insane price of only $3, the packaging along with color pigmentation are extremely similar. The NARS products are of course higher quality, they are longer lasting and blend a bit more naturally into the skin but at only $3 the ELF duo is still comparable…such a STEAL.

CONCEALER/HIGHLIGHTER {L’Oreal Magic Lumi} vs. {YSL Touche Eclat} | I have coveted the YSL concealer/highlight pen for quite some time now, everything about YSL screams luxurious. I never could bring myself to fork out the money to try it though, so when I saw it’s cheaper sister at the drugstore I had to have it. L’Oreal is one of my favorite low cost brands, and they did not disappoint with the Magic Lumi concealer, I am in LOVE. The packaging is super similar to that of the YSL, and the quality of the concealer is amazing. The consistency is a super luminous blend between creamy and liquid, and sets well with a translucent powder to prevent creasing.

BALM STAINS {Revlon Kissable Matte Balm Stain} vs. {Clinique Chubby Stick} | I had tried the original Revlon Balm Stains a few years ago, and hated them, but for some reason the new Matte formula called my name and ohhhh em gee, you guys these are my new little lip obsession. They are beyond pigmented, creamy yet matte, and LONG LASTING, I can eat and drink and not worry about my lip color coming off. Not to mention the color selection is beautiful, and they smell minty which gives you a hint of fresh breath. I’ve swatched the Clinique Chubby Sticks, and they are pretty sheer which I don’t feel is worth the price.

LIP LINER {Jordana Lip Liners} vs. {Urban Decay Lip Liners} | I’ve raved about the Jordana lip liners before, specifically my favorite shade “Tawney”, these liners are high quality and under $2, making it one of my best drugstore finds ever. I prefer the Jordana lip liners to my MAC and Urban Decay most days – they are pigmented and oh so creamy!

TINTED MOISTURIZER {Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer} vs. {Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer} | When the weather warms up I am allllll about tinted moisturizer. I have yet to find one that is as good as my Sonia Kashuk Radiant. This tinted moisturizer has all the qualities I look for in one, SPF, moisturizing, actually provides coverage, non greasy, and doesn’t melt off! The Laura Mercier is pretty expensive and I felt like the coverage was just okay & slipped and slid around my face a bit even when set with a powder.

LIPSTICK {Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick } vs. {MAC Lipstick} | When purchasing lipstick I typically will head to the drugstore, or MAC, especially if I have enough MAC recyclables to score a freebie. I feel like you can find high quality lipsticks at the drugstore for such a great price. I love the Maybelline lipsticks because they have an amazing shade selection and go on so smooth and creamy without compromising pigmentation payoff.

LIPGLOSS {NYX Mega Shine Gloss} vs. {NARS Lipgloss} | After owning both the NYX and NARS glosses, I realized I reach for my NYX far more than I ever do for the NARS. Reason being?…They are just better and it took me awhile to even believe it because sometimes we get sucked into the thought that if it costs more it MUST be better. I have a hard time justifying high end glosses when NYX are so perfect and cheap!

FOUNDATION {L’Oreal True Match} vs. {Makeup Forever HD} | I wanted to include a save/splurge for foundation even though I havn’t exactly tried the L’Oreal True Match just yet. I have seen so many awesome tutorials and reviews using the True Match foundation and really hope it lives up to the hype. I personally have tried the Makeup Forever HD, and repurchased it a few times, but it wasn’t enough coverage for me – I mean it is build-able but at that price you want something you don’t have to layer on to get coverage. Right now I am using MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid which I consider to be in between a save and a splurge, I love it but I am ready to give something new a try!

xx, Catt

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Battle Of The | BEAUTY OILS



“Beauty oils are the new black these days…and have me pushing my typical moisturizers to the back of my beauty cabinet”

Now before those of you with oily skin start saying I’m crazy for telling you to use an oil on your oil… hear me out. The truth about oily skin, is you still need to hydrate & moisturize. The skin is over compensating for what it is lacking by producing an overload of natural oils, and the more you try to fight it and dry it out with toners or harsh face washes the more it will create. It’s just a matter of figuring out what type of moisturizing regimen suits your skin type, whether it be dry, combination, oily, sensitive, or breakout prone.

JOSIE MARAN ARGAN OIL ORIGINAL | This is the OG of the oils, and Argan is a natural ingredient that promotes many benefits from is composition of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This oil is on the heavier side, so I wouldn’t recommend this if you have combination to oily skin unless you were strictly using it as a night treatment. Reason being is the fact that is sits on the surface and takes forever to absorb! I loved this product but couldn’t get over how it always left my face feeling like grease city, especially since I wanted to use it day & night. With that being said, this is a savior for those who suffer from dry skin, allowing oil to slowly penetrate and absorb for a more effective hydration, I did also love it on my hands which are always ultra dry from glove use and over washing at school.

JOSIE MARAN ARGAN OIL LIGHT | When Josie Maran released her light version of the Argan Oil I felt like my prayers had been answered by the beauty oil Gods. This was EXACTLY what I wanted. Everything about the original, just a lighter formula! The absorption rate of this oil is magnificent, it penetrates quickly, but still leaves a moisturized finish – I’m telling you guys I even use this beneath my makeup (of course with a primer but still!) This oil not only leaves my skin smooth, but supple and more radiant. After trying all of the 4 oils above, hands down this is my holy grail, and combination to oily skin’s BFF!

FRESH SEABERRY OIL | Ohh, this little guy… I had such high hopes for this oil and I wanted to REALLY love it, but ultimately I had to exchange it and repurchase my JM Light. Let me first just say the ingredient list on this bottle is amazing and what initially sold me, Seabuckthorn Oil, Omegas, Cranberry Seed oil…all powerful anti-aging/anti-oxidants. Unfortunately my skin didn’t want to love it as much as I did, and decided to retaliate with a cystic like breakout. I noticed the first little blemish after a week of using the oil, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and continued to use it for a full month, basically until I couldn’t handle waking up to another cute bump on my face. After just a few days without the Fresh oil the breakout began to clear. I think this oil was just too much for my skin, which can sometimes be a bit sensitive and breakout prone with heavier products, plus Cameron couldn’t STAND the smell (takes a bit to get used to) of me drenched in it every night laying beside him haha! I know a lot of people love this oil, and I think it would suit mature skin lovely, especially for those of you wanting to maintain a more youthful & healthy glow.

NUDE PRO GENIUS OIL | The last contender on my list is from the brand NUDE, and is a bit of a splurge priced at $78 per 1oz bottle. I had received a deluxe sample of this product and used it between full size purchases of my usual oils. I never had any issues of breakouts with this oil, and it’s  not super heavy or extra greasy feeling. This is definitely the fastest absorbing oil out of the 4, but I felt like it almost absorbed too quickly & too much, taking away from that moisturized skin finish I mentioned above that I prefer. I would suggest this oil for those of you who are extra oily, and need a product that will super absorb into the skin without highlighting the appearance of greasiness. Since I still have some of the NUDE oil and don’t use it for my face, I like to sometimes run it through the ends of my hair.

What is your favorite moisturizer/ beauty oil?

xx, Catt

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MUJI ACRYLIC DRAWERS | Makeup Storage + Collection

Four little letters that will change your life… M U J I MUJI5

{MUJI Acrylic Drawers}

Okay mayyyybe I’m being borderline dramatic but if you are a makeup junkie like myself, you know how hard it can be to find a good organizational system to not only store your makeup – but to keep it safe. I decided to give my babies a nice warm home in the form of the MUJI Acrylic Drawers a few years ago & haven’t looked back since. There was an episode seasons back of the Kardashians that showed a snippet of Kourt’s acrylic makeup organization, most people don’t notice little background things like that, but of course I’m a freak & immediately began googling the beautiful cube. I was pretty bummed when I found out her exact makeup storage started at about $300, thankfully the makeup Gods led me to a much cheaper alternative ($27 per five stack drawer) that looked pretty damn identical. MUJI carries a few different acrylic storage models ranging in drawer number, size, depth, and whether or not you want a top that flips open. I picked two of the 5 drawer stacks and keep them on top of each other to create a 10 stack – you can also display them side by side. Beneath each set are 4 rubber soles that keep the stacks from sliding off one another, or your vanity. The drawers are made of acrylic, are extremely high quality, sleek, & sturdy,  I’m obsessed with the clear look, not only because it goes with anything, but because you can see exactly what is inside the drawers without opening them. Each drawer in the 5 stack is about 1 inch in depth (a MAC fluid line deep), which I find to fit most of my makeup products. I do however have my eye on the 2 drawer flip top stack that I may add to my collection in the future, just to house larger products that can’t fit into my current set up. Lipstick holder is from the Container Store.

MUJI1 MUJI2 MUJI3 MUJI4 I filmed a complete overview of my MUJI drawer makeup storage along with the makeup I keep inside mine, please subscribe if you havn’t already! xo

I highly recommend these drawers to store your makeup, love…love…LOVE!

xo, Catt

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Spring Makeup Mavens

I told you guys I was excited for fresh faced glowy all around Spring Time makeup… I wasn’t kidding. If you felt as inspired as I did by the beauties I posted earlier this week, here are a few products you are sure to swoon over.

1. Revlon Kissable Matte Balm Stains – I would never typically go for a Matte Lip during the warmer months, but this little baby is an exception. Not to be confused with the older Revlon Stains, these are the balm version, which means a super smooth & nourishing formula that will still stain and last all day long! I love their shade selection, they have gorgeous brights perfect for that color pop in the Spring.
2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel- A well groomed & defined brow is the perfect fresh face pick me up, if you want something a bit more natural – yet still tamed try the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel for a quick 30 second brow. If you are like me and absolutely have to fill in your brows with product, run the clear version of the brow gel through your hairs  to keep them sweat proof & in place.
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Park Ave. Princess- Bronzer is everything when creating sun kissed skin. When contouring I do prefer a matte powder to keep things from looking un natural or muddy, but bronzing the skin is completely different. The finely milled light shimmer in the Tarte Bronzer is a favorite for dusting over the areas the sun would naturally hit for a gorgeous glow.
4. MAC Blush PeachyKeen- A peach blush is a must during the Spring. No matter how natural or bold of a look you are going for, a peachy hue on the cheeks is the perfect compliment. Lately I have been reaching for this MAC blush non stop, it’s a matte, so some days I top it off with a mineralized blush like “Warm Soul” by MAC to give it a bit more dimension.
5. NARS Sheer Glow- This blush is on my “to buy” list. I prefer lighter coverage during the Spring & Summer & typically opt for a tinted moisturizer. But I want to try this sheer foundation out for the days my skin needs a little extra coverage & for nights out while still keeping a glow.
6. Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer- Mix this with your foundation to add luminosity to the skin, or dab a bit along the specific areas you want to highlight ( cheek bones, cupids bow, forehead, down the bridge of the nose). Using a liquid highlight versus a powder will add a more natural dewy finish.
7. Maybelline Elixir Nude Illusion – If you aren’t a fan of the brighter lips, and nude is your thing try picking up an opaque nude gloss like this one by the Maybelline Elixer collection. Even though it’s a gloss it is opaque enough show up true to color on the lips for a totally kissable pout.
Xo, Catt
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